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About Us

The Idea

After working as a private chef for an agency, Jojo became fed up with the way the industry worked:

• Private chef agencies took an unfair proportion of the chef’s pay

• The customer couldn’t pick which chef they wanted

• Organising the event was too expensive and complicated

There clearly was an opportunity to share the luxury of hiring a private chef to a wider audience, whilst at the same time improving the fairness of the agency model.

Soon, Ben joined the mission and the wheels were set in motion.

Ben & Jojo

Our launch

Nomad Cooks began with a group of five chef friends working jobs from a WhatsApp group with PDF menus.

From the onset, it was clear that celebrating the individuality of private chefs through online profiles was an exciting and necessary update to the private chef industry.

We were thrilled to partner with One Feeds Two in order to bring added meaning to our mission. Now, for each guest served at Nomad Cooks dinner party, we donate a free school meal to a child in poverty.

Where we are now

We have a growing community of friendly and professional freelance chefs around the UK who can be booked to cater for any event or for delivery.

Our aim is to share the luxury of a private chef experience to more people whilst at the same time improving the fairness of the chef agency model.

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About Us