About us

How we started
Hi, I'm Jojo, I started Nomad Cooks after I witnessed first-hand how agency-booked private chefs couldn’t deliver dinner guests the experience they deserve.

Poor communication, lack of personalisation and cost-cutting led to second-rate dining experiences for guests.

There were issues for the chefs too: low pay, lack of autonomy, and no ability to create bespoke menus their clients would love.

How we're changing things
On our platform, each chef gets paid 100% of the cost of the menu. Our chefs work as freelancers. They're passionate about making each dining experience a unique and memorable experience.

We are partners with an amazing charity called One Feeds Two. This means that for each guest we serve, we donate a school meal to a child in poverty.

Where we are now
In the last 12 months our amazing Nomads have served thousands of happy guests.

I’d love for you to try Nomad Cooks, or send me your feedback on how I can improve the service.

Nomad Cooks is only a year old so we’re listening, learning and growing every day. Please contact me any time with any question jojo@nomadcooks.co.uk.

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