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About Us
How it works

What is Nomad Cooks?

Nomad Cooks is a booking platform that enables customers to access the best freelance private chefs in the UK.

Who are the Nomads?

Nomads are excellent cooks with a passion for food and quality. Furthermore, they are approachable and great communicators; Nomads understand that service is key to successful private chef work.

What are the benefits?

Jojo started Nomad Cooks out of frustration for working for an unfair chef agency. We know how hard it is to be a chef so we want to fairly reward the talent, hard work and resilience that it takes.

🎗 Fair chef pay

You receive 100% of what a customer pays for your menu (the industry standard is 60%). We make money by charging the customer a 15% service fee.

⭐️ Creative and financial independence

You design and price your own menu.

🦦 Freedom to work when, where and how you want

You choose when you are available and what type of jobs you want to be available for.

👥 Community

We know that being a freelance chefs feels lonely - join an active community who look out for each other and share advice.

🌈 The other bits

- Nomads are eligible for equipment and learning course discounts as well as a free professional photographer photoshoot.
- We also have access to volunteering projects in London which our chefs take part in.
- Additionally, all Nomads are insured for public and private liability for up to £5 million under our policy with Zurich.

Who we are looking for:

We welcome chefs in all locations from all backgrounds, ages and cuisine specialities. The key to what we are looking for is high-quality chefs who have refined the art of making customers happy.

How to apply:

Please apply using the form below. We'll get back to you with an offer to chat further about the opportunity.

Please ensure you have the following as a minimum requirement before applying:

✅ A CPD certified Level Two Food Hygiene certificate
✅ A minimum of two years experience as a private chef
✅ Two references from previous clients


Please confirm that you have the necessary requirements below. (Use the chat bot on the bottom right to message us if you have any questions).


As part of our due diligence process, we require two references/reviews to support your application.

Some questions which will help us on our mission to make private chef’s lives easier:

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