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5 years working as a private chef in luxury ski chalets in the French alps and private residences across France, Portugal, Spain and the UK

Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles, though quite simple to prepare, will certainly make your Christmas Day extra special. They look magical and elegant and taste decadent. You can flavour and coat your truffles however you like - the possibilities are endless! Chocolate Truffles can be flavoured and coated in a myriad of different ways. And Christmas is made extra special when they're a few different ones to choose from. They look really special when served all together. Included is a list of suggestions for different flavours and coatings - but this list is by no means exhaustive. You are only limited by your imagination! Flavours are added to the liquid chocolate mix before it is chilled and rolled into balls. After being rolled into balls the truffles are rolled in your choice of coatings. Coatings work especially well when they add either a different texture or colour to the truffle. Alternatively, you could pipe some melted white chocolate in lines across the truffle, or dip them in cool melted chocolate to coat them. Sprinkles, bronze crunch, 100s and 1000s, or crushed popping candy are also fantastic decorating for your truffles and easy for kids to use, so they can get involved in the Christmas Cooking too. Spice Mountain store in Borough market also has an amazing range of fruit powders and spices that can be added as flavour or used to roll your truffles in too - spicemountain.co.uk Edible silver and gold shimmer powders are available at Waitrose or good baking shops. Place a teaspoon into a bowl then roll your truffles in it, a few at a time. The shimmer should completely cover the truffle to make it look as if it was gold plated. Edible gold leaf is also a very elegant final touch, just place a tiny piece on top of your selected truffles using either a small brush or tweezers.