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How much does a private chef actually cost?

There is a common assumption that private chefs are expensive to hire, but in reality, hiring a private chef can often be cheaper than going out to a restaurant.

Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe
May 18, 2022
Private chef Alex, serving his guests their starter

Private chef Alex, serving his guests their starter

When you think of hiring a private chef, you probably imagine a fancy and expensive dinner party, right? But that’s not always the case…

Don’t get us wrong, having the luxury of a private chef for a special celebration or occasion doesn't come cheap, but it can actually save you money compared to going out to eat at a restaurant, especially when it comes to drinking your own alcohol. Private chefs at home can also add a level of intimacy and comfort to your meal that is so different to that of a restaurant or delivery service.

When it comes to entertaining at home, it isn't always about the expenses - there is a lot of time and effort that has to go into planning menus, shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining. Hiring a private chef takes away these stresses, giving you more quality time with family and friends.

Still skeptical? Let's look at some numbers:

Hiring a private chef for an at-home dinner party versus going out to a restaurant

Cost breakdown of a private chef vs eating out

The average cost of eating out in London

If you go to a mid-range restaurant for dinner, the average cost in London is £25.00 per person for a plate of food according to Sable International. That's assuming each person orders only one plate (which is doubtful) and doesn’t include the cost of drinks, hiring a babysitter, your taxi home or additional tips.

This is significantly more than the cost of hiring a chef from Nomad Cooks, who will prepare and serve a three-course meal in your home.

Chef Jojo Kelly (our co-founder) talking his guests through the menu

The average cost of a private chef

The cost of a private chef is typically consistent, but can vary due to the following:

  • The experience of the chef
  • The chosen menu
  • The number of people
  • The type and duration of the event (e.g. three course dinner versus canapés).

At Nomad Cooks we have a wide range of chefs specialising in a variety of different cuisines, all with flexible price points to suit you. We aim to provide London's best chefs at less than restaurant prices.

The average price for one of our chefs is about £35 per guest (for a 3 course meal). This is just a little bit more than the price of one plate at a local restaurant. When you consider that our chefs are highly experienced, the menu is tailored to your preferences, you can drink your own alcohol and of course all the cleaning and washing up is done for you - it really is quite appealing!

Nomad Cooks sample menu

The cost of hiring a Nomad Cook private chef

We pride ourselves on transparency, with no hidden costs. The chef's time, ingredients, travel fee and the service fee are all included in the price set by the Nomad Cooks themselves. To find the average cost for your next Nomad Cook dinner party click here, and slide the scale to the number of people you hope to host for.

Hire a local private chef for your special occasion. They buy the ingredients, cook and do the washing up.
Prices start at £30/head.
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