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Earn over £500 a weekend.*

We help you find customers, manage bookings and get paid so you can focus on what's important - the cooking.

"Airbnb for private chefs"

We are a growing network of freelance chefs working nomadically across London.


We are revolutionising the industry by offering a fair and ethical service for both chefs and customers, providing powerful tools for chefs to manage bookings and building a community along the way.

Easy to join

  • No signing-on fee

  • Create your own menu

  • Manage bookings through your account

"The onboarding process was much easier than I had imagined. Once I had created my profile everything looked so professional.

Harry Scot - freelance chef

Income on your terms 

  • You set the price for your menu

  • This includes ingredients cost and your hours

  •  0% commission  - we charge the customer a 10% service fee

A chef on Nomad Cooks can make + £500* on a weekend. 


*Average order total (from previous booking data) = £280. Ingredients cost = £100 so profit = £180 (0% commission). Three bookings a weekend = £540 (Not including tips!). This equates to a pay of £30 per hour (6 hours per booking).

Work when and how you want

  • Develop and fine-tune new skills on your own timetable

  • Choose which clients you want to cook for

  • Use our inbuilt calendar to manage bookings

"With Nomad Cooks I can continue to work catering events and make extra money on the side to save for a rainy day. Thank you!"


Olivia Higgins - London events caterer

Join something bigger

  • Join a growing group of London freelance chefs

  • Own a beautiful webpage (we call it a shopfront) to advertise your services

  • Earn loyalty rewards when completing bookings

"I usually organise my bookings over the phone and on email but now my profile is on Nomad Cooks it has been so much easier to organise my work."


Sophie larminie - Freelance chef

Calling all cooks

Are you a professionally trained cook with experience in the hospitality industry?

Private caterers

Create a profile to reach more customers + organise your diary.

Restaurant chefs

Experiment with new ideas and hone skills while making money during your nights off.

Chalet hosts

Put to use those skills abroad to use in London and earn extra cash. 

Student cooks

Use your talent in the kitchen to earn money in your free time.

Supper clubs

Take your club to the next level by letting Nomad Cooks market your services.

In summary...

Your own Nomad Cooks webpage to show off your talent

Advertise when you are free so customers can book you 

Let Nomad Cooks market your services for 0% commission

Inbuilt calendar to organise bookings

Join a community which shares tips, recipes and more

Be part of an exciting start-up trying to change the way we think of private chefs

By registering your interest now, we may invite you to be an early user of our platform.