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Can I make changes to the chef's suggested menu?


Yes. Our private chefs will happily cook alternative dishes for guests with specific dietary requirements. You can discuss this directly with the private chef when you first connect.

Who are the Nomads?


The Nomad are a community of talented up-and-coming chefs. Each “Nomad” must meet the highest standards and only 10% make the cut.

Are Nomad Cooks available in my area?


We’re currently available throughout Greater London, within the M25. Outside the area? Start a chat with us (bottom right) and we will see what we can do.

Can you cater for bespoke requirements and events?


Yes, absolutely. Please reserve the chef that you like for the event date. You can then chat with them and tailor everything to fit your event perfectly.

What if my kitchen is only small, or I don’t have much cooking equipment?


Nomads can create amazing food in just a typical kitchen. They will need an oven, four hobs, and some space for preparation. Your Nomad will ask you for details when you discuss your event.

Who buys all the ingredients?


Your Nomad will buy all the fresh ingredients before your event. All ingredients are included in the price of your menu.

Can Nomad Cooks cater to different dietary requirements?


Nomads can adapt or create new dishes to range a wide range of dietary needs. Please ensure you include all dietary requirements and allergies when making your booking. Your Nomad will respond with some suggestions for alternative dishes.

Where does my money go?


100% of the menu price and travel costs go to your Nomad.

We charge a 15% service fee on top of the menu cost. With this we are able to offer priority customer support should anything go wrong before or during your event. We also donate a school meal for each guest we serve through One Feeds Two.

What is One Feeds Two?


Our partnership with One Feeds Two means that for every guest served by a Nomad, a child in poverty receives a free school meal.  Their approach in combatting child hunger through hot school meal promotes both education and essential nutrition.

Read more at onefeedstwo.org

What is your cancellation policy?


We get it, plans change. If you do need to cancel, please contact us immediately to find a new date for your event, or arrange a refund. 

More than 10 days = 100% refund of booking total
10 to 3 days = 70% refund of the booking total
3 to 1 day = 50% refund of the booking total
Less that 24h = 0% refund of the booking total

You can read more here.

Do you supply wine too?


Your Nomad will take care of the food, but we’ll leave the wine to you. We can however connect you with a sommelier to make some great wine pairing suggestions for your chosen menu.

My Nomad has not arrived yet, what can I do?


First of all, don’t panic. Nomads are experienced professionals who understand the importance of punctuality. Your Nomad may arrive a little later than expected since much of their preparation is done ahead of time. If after an hour they have failed to respond to your phone calls, you can call us on 07552 642 185.

What is the etiquette for tipping my Nomad?


Tipping is at your discretion. Often a 10-20% tip is given, the Nomads really appreciate it.

I don’t have any dinner plans right now. How can I stay in touch until I need you?


You can chat with us anytime with questions or if you’re just mulling over some party ideas. Also, if you sign up for our newsletter you’ll be entered to win a dinner party and we’ll send you the occasional email with updates on new chefs, dinner party ideas, and more!