Who are the Nomads?

These are professionally trained cooks with lots of experience in the hospitality industry. All Nomads are vetted by Nomad Cooks to ensure they meet the highest standard.

What do I need to provide for a Nomad?

We recommend you give us a quick tour of the kitchen and information about where and how you would like your meal served. Other than that, just relax, your supper is in safe hands.

Dietary requirements? 

If you have specific dietary requirements, we Nomads can adapt or create new dishes to suit individual needs. Please just ensure that you include all dietary requirements and allergies in the booking form and your Nomad will respond with suggested alternatives.

How does payment work?

Once a Nomad has accepted your booking you will be sent an invoice for your order, payable online. 

Where does my money go?

We are very proud that our Nomads receive 100% of the price they set for their menu.


We make money by charging you a 10% booking fee. 

Your invoice will have three items on it: The cost of the menu you selected (this includes the cost of ingredients & labour), The Nomad's travel expenses, viewable when you book, and a service fee of 10% of the order total. 

For example:

  • The menu you order costs £100

  • You pay £110 

  • £100 goes to your Nomad

  • £10 goes to us

My kitchen is small and isn’t well equipped.

Nomads are experienced in working in all sorts of conditions. As long as you can provide the basics, Nomads can improvise... baking a cake in a saucepan is not out of the ordinary for them!

What is the cancellation policy?

  • 100% refund if cancelled 72 hours (3 days) before the time of the event.

  • 50% refund if cancelled from 72 to 24 hours before the time of the event.

  • 0% refund if cancelled less than 24 hours before the time of the event.

Contact bookings@nomadcooking.co.uk for any issues

Can I make changes after placing my order?

Changes can be made up to 48 hours before the event by cancelling your order and placing a new one free of charge. Any changes later than 48 hours before the event must be made by email to bookings@nomadcooking.co.uk. Your Nomad will be contacted, and will email you confirmation of any changes. 

What does "per portion" mean for canapÉs?

When ordering canapés you can choose more than one dish from the menu. For each canapé you select will the equivalent of a portion of canapés for one person. To put it simply, the more portions you order the more you will get, but just ordering one portion should be enough for everyone to share.

What happens if my nomad cancels?

In the rare event of this happening, we will endeavour to find a replacement Nomad for you. If this is unsuccessful you will be refunded the full amount. 

Is this service just in London?

No, we cater all around the UK and offer longer holiday bookings too.

My nomad has not arrived yet, what can I do?

Don’t panic! Nomads are experienced and punctuality is key – their reviews rely on it. Your Nomad may arrive later than you would expect as most of the preparation is usually done before arriving at your home.

I was not happy with the service, what can I do?

We Nomads pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and do all we can to ensure you have the best experience possible. However, if this is not the case contact bookings@nomadcooking.co.uk with your feedback. We will evaluate the situation and provide compensation if we feel it is justified.

What is the etiquette for tipping nomads?

Tipping is at your discretion.