Have a friendly, professional chef create memorable meals in your home.

Stress-free entertaining

Eat-in for restaurant prices.

Our Nomads are catering experts whom we have hand picked for their ability to make any event special.


We take the stress out of entertaining, that's why our customers love us:

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We make entertaining easy

Do you want?

  • A stress-free evening in your home

  • Cooked by a professional chef

  • For restaurant prices

View our Nomad's menus to see what's possible.

Who we are

We are a growing community of chefs working nomadically across the UK.


We are revolutionising the industry, offering a fair and competitive service for both chefs and customers, cutting out extortionate agency fees and offering fresh food and a friendly face in the comfort of your own home.


Our food, your rules. Perfect for all sorts of celebrations and gatherings!

How we do it

We Nomads are many and varied, from young chefs starting out in the industry to seasoned professionals. Intrigued? Find out more about how it works below.

How it works

1. Book a NomaD

  • Click View Chefs and choose a Nomad that you like

2. Confirm details & Pay

  • We will put you in contact with the Nomad to sort out all the small details of the event

3. Relax

  • Your Nomad will arrive with fresh ingredients, cook, serve and do the washing up.


Meet the Nomad cooks

Here is a selection of a few of the chefs in the Nomad community:

Emily Beard

Catering business owner and experienced private chef. Trained in the Alps for two seasons learning from the best.

Veronica Drysdale

Trained at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine, Veronica has 10+ years international experience as a private chef.

Tessa Reed

Ex-chalet chef, 5 years experience as a freelance private cook (dinner parties, family holidays, Scottish lodges). Leith's Three Term Diploma in October'20.


About us

My experience working for a private chef agency taught me three things:

1) Private chefs are considered an expensive luxury

2) The customer did not know the chef until they were in their house

3) Private chefs have no control over what they are paid

I quit the agency and started Nomad Cooks because I do not believe that customers and chefs should be held to these constraints.

Nomad Cooks aims to bring transparency and accessibility to the private chef industry. When you book a Nomad through our platform, you pay a fair price for a brilliant service and the Nomad receives 100% of what they charge you.


Founder @ Nomad Cooks


Who are the Nomads?

Nomads are professionally trained cooks with lots of experience in the hospitality industry. All Nomads are vetted by Nomad Cooks to ensure they meet the highest standard.

What's included in the cost of the menu?

The ingredients and the Nomad's time. The only extras you will pay for is the travel cost (usually ~£5) and the booking fee (10%).

Where does my money go?

We are proud that Nomads receive 100% of what you pay for the menu. We charge a 10% booking fee on top of the price of the menu you choose. This allows us to continue to operate and also donate to our charity partner.

Let's say you order a Nomad's menu which costs £100.

  • You are charged £110

  • £100 goes straight to your Nomad

  • £10 to us

My kitchen is small and isn’t well equipped.

Nomads are experienced in working in all sorts of conditions. Only the kitchen essentials are required: a hob, sink and sideboard. A fully stocked kitchen isn't a problem, Nomads can improvise... baking a cake in a saucepan is not out of the ordinary for them!